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Early intervention services help young children with disabilities achieve their goals in cognitive, social/emotional, communicative, adaptive and physical development. Through a team approach, children and their families are given the education, tools, strategies and services they need to help them reach their maximum potential. Services may include occupational therapy to help an infant learn to hold her bottle, physical therapy to help her learn to roll over, or speech therapy to help her learn to eat. Most early intervention services take place in the home or, in the case of working parents, at child care facilities in the local community.


  • Family-Driven: ECI acknowledges that parents are natural teachers because they know their child best.Parents and/or caregivers are an important part of the interdisciplinary team and goals are written with parent involvement to be functional and a part of the child’s daily routine. ECI is manageable for the parent and we work to help the parent become their child’s biggest advocate.

  • Case Management: Every child enrolled in ECI has a case manager assigned to their family who will coordinate services, work with the child’s doctors and connect the family with appropriate resources and information based on their individual needs.

  • Specialized Skills Training (SST): SST is a unique service provided only by ECI. SST supports development across domains with an emphasis on strengthening cognitive skills, positive behavior and social interactions.

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