Children with disabilities and developmental delays start life out at a disadvantage.  Without the right help at the right time, children with disabilities end up falling behind their peers in development, academics and life.  Through Brighton’s Leveling the Playing Field Program & Expansion project, Brighton will create a campus that is centered around every child from birth to age 8 experiencing a disability or a delay.  Through a unique holistic model, Brighton will provide critical therapy interventions, early childhood development, in school support services and parent training that the families in our community need to ensure that their children have EVERY opportunity to lead a successful, independent and fulfilling life. This $7,750,000 capital project is currently in its final phase of construction and is scheduled to be complete by the Fall of 2020.



Components of The Leveling the Playing Field Program & Expansion Project

Campaign Donors

Campus Naming Rights - $1.5M

Harvey E. Najim

Activity Center Naming Rights - $850,000

H-E-B Tournament of Champions

Welcome Center Naming Rights - $750,000

Mabee Foundation

Courtyard & Playground Naming Rights - $500,000

Valero Energy Foundation

Early Childhood Education Preschool Center - $500,000

Greehey Family Foundation

Ability Center Naming Rights - $500,000

Kronkosky Foundation

Sensory Room Naming Rights - $250,000

Brian Booker

Literacy Center Naming Rights - $250,000


Art Room Naming Rights - $250,000

Michael Ciskowski

Group Therapy Room Naming Rights - $250,000

Winn Family Foundation

Board Meeting Room Naming Rights - $100,000

Laura & Jason Speights

Conference Rooms Naming Rights - $100,000

James Speights

Individual Therapy Room Naming Rights - $100,000

CPS Energy

$100,000 Donors

Nancy Smith Hurd Foundation
Overland Partners
Norton Co.

$50,000+ Donors

Mays Family Foundation
Capital Group Companies
Myra Stafford Pryor Charitable Trust/Frost Bank
Charity Ball Association

$25,000+ Donors

SpawGlass Contractors
Karen Lee & David Zachry
Barbara & Michael Gentry
UPS Foundation
C.H. Guenther & Son
Barbara Bowman

$15,000+ Donors

Nancy & Charles Cheever
Texas Cavaliers Charitable Foundation
Kairoi Residential


Kim & Cory Jefferies
Katrina & Brian Campbell
Holly & Ryan Grogan
Michele & Cris Sierra
Lynette & Dwayne Padalecki
Becky & Eddie Rathburn
Eric McCormick & Ryan Rue
Dahlia & Gerry Soto
Brittney & Blake Stribling
Heather & Artie Garcia
Nancy & Charlie Cheever
Klesse Family Foundation
Frick Family Foundation
Michelle & Jon Stehling
Donna Vaughan
Linda McCloskey
Danielle & Jesse Reyes
Mark & Lauren Biegler
Marrs McLean Bowman

$7,500 Donors

Lindsay & Greg Bolner
Neena Singh
Chad Smith

$5,000 Donors

Amegy Bank
Meriel & Forrest Bowman
Nicole & Scott Caroselli
Ramon & Hugo Hernandez
Summer & Steve Lyons
Elizabeth & Madison Marceau
Barbara & Nate Newman
April (Ancira) & Jason Thompson
JoAnn Duffey
LeAnn & Kris Trejo
Shannon & Matt Unsworth
Jennifer Wilkinson
Mary & Doug Rudy
Molly Johnson
Nancy Kerr
Nicole & Sam Kasparek
Gary Pavlik
Howell Family Foundation
Bolner's Fiesta Spices

$1,000 - $3,000 Donors

Tiffany & Justin Thompson
Monica Garcia
Denise Fernandez
Julie & Steve Yocham
Melissa Mathis
Lydia & Juan Hernandez
Brooke & Dustin Schriewer
Vanessa Lambert
Natalie Guajardo
Maria & Isai Sapien
Michael Guin
Amanda & Matt Breen
Ana Abad
Kimberly & Mario Garcia
Travis Foegelle
Laura Grundhoefer
Chris & Danielle Goehring
Lisa Cruz
DeeDee & Karl Strong
Olivia Torres-Castro
Johnnie Yocham
Monica Watson
Denise & Ken Thieme
Jan & Larry Fischer
Toni & Jim Sanchez
Susan Deas
Shelly Calhoun
Alix Martinez
Ashton Vincent
Sarah Pollock
Diane & Phil Pfeiffer
Rebecca Mortis
Maria Garcia