Brighton Center's Education Consultants will do what it takes to help your child be successful in school!

Brighton Center’s Special Education Advocacy Support Program provides assistance to caregivers of children with disabilities. Our Special Education Consultants and Special Education Services team also support young adults with disabilities and delays through their entire process.

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Review Your Child's Education Plan & Provide Counsel

Brighton Center’s Advocacy Team will review your child’s education plan in a one-on-one setting and give you counsel on the right next steps to make sure your child’s plan is appropriate for their goals.

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Attend Meetings With The School

Brighton’s Advocacy Team is available to attend your child’s next ARD meeting alongside you. Including a Brighton Consultant as a part of your team will make you feel confident with more peace of mind for your child’s ARD.

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Affordable & Convenient

As a non-profit organization, Brighton’s Special Education Advocacy Team is able to offer individualized advocacy services at a fraction of the cost of a typical education consultant. In addition, we are conveniently located near the San Antonio downtown area and also offer phone and video conferencing options.

Special Education Advocate Support includes, but is not limited to:
  • Special Education Advocate Support Consultation (Pre-ARD)
  • Helping families interpret IEP/BIP and suggest action steps for improvement on plan
  • Special Education Advocate Support by attending the ARD Meeting at parent’s request
  • Reviewing the child’s IEP paperwork with a Brighton Center Education Consultant
  • Examining the child’s Evaluation paperwork or providing guidance how to request an evaluation for Special Education Services
  • Reviewing the child’s  504 Plan
  • Referring the parent to community resources
  • Referring the parent to other programs with in Brighton Center
  • Being a good listener and support for the parents
To ensure that all caregivers and young adults have the opportunity to access this program, the fee is based on household income level.