What You Will Learn Through Brighton's Special Education Workshops

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Understanding the ARD Process

Understanding how the Special Education System works and the overall ARD process (Admission Review & Dismissal) in your school can be challenging. Navigating through it all can be overwhelming and confusing and so Brighton created this free two-hour workshop called Special Education 101 to help our parents learn enough to begin understanding this complicated system and ensure their child has access to every resource they need to be successful in school and beyond!

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How to Make Sure Your Child With Autism Gets The Special Education Services They Need

1 in every 6 children in the U.S. is diagnosed with Autism. Ensuring that caregivers of children with Autism know how to work with their child’s school and Special Education System is critical to their success in school. Brighton has designed this free 2 hour course for caregivers to understand the specific laws that support children with Autism in the school system.

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Additional issues and concerns related to your child's education

Brighton offers additional Special Education Support workshops to address common issues and concerns that caregivers and educators facing when working/raising children with a disability or a delay. Workshops include topics like Children Mood Disorders to Disciplining Your Child with a Disability & Understanding School Evaluations. Contact us at sess@brightonsa.org for more in information.

​Brighton Center’s Special Education Parent Series

​Brighton Center’s Special Education Parent Series offers free, public presentations designed to help parents navigate their roles and responsibilities in the face of an increasingly complex educational world. These workshops provide better insight into children and various academic or behavioral challenges with the purpose of promoting student well-being, academic success and parental support. For more information, call us at 210-826-4492 or email SESSProgram@Brightonsa.org