About Early Intervention Specialists

What is an Early Intervention Specialist?

An Early Intervention Specialist, often called an EIS, provides Specialized Skills Training (SST) to families that are enrolled in Brighton’s Early Childhood Intervention Therapy Program. They hold at least a bachelor’s degree with coursework related to early childhood intervention and they specialize in overall early childhood development.

EISs have expertise in:

  • How infants and toddlers grow and learn, including thinking and social skills.
  • How all areas of development are related.
  • Common infant and toddler behavior, including biting, picky eating and sleep problems.
  • How to use activities you do every day to help your child’s development.


How will an Early Intervention Specialist work with you and your child?

As an integral part of your child’s therapy/development team, an EIS will do the following:

  • Observe your family’s activities and ask what is important to you.
  • Ask questions to learn how to best support you in daily interactions as you care for your child.
  • Answer questions about your child’s development and how to best meet his or her needs.
  • Ask about activities you tried and help you decide what works and what does not work.
  • Help you plan what you can do between visits to aid in your child’s developmental progress.
  • Improve your child’s development by showing you activities you can use every day.