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How to Use Your Supplemental Special Education Services Grant

Supplemental Special Education Services Grant Questions

By now, many have heard about, and registered for, the one-time Supplemental Special Education Services Grant of $1,500.00 through the Texas Education Agency (TEA). The Supplementary Special Education Services Grant is for eligible students who receive special education and who have felt the impact of COVID-19 school closures. Families of eligible students can use the on-line accounts to obtain educational materials and resources and/or services such as additional speech therapy or other specific services.

Many do not know what exactly this means though, and what sort of things they can spend this money on. In fact, the wide array of providers includes tutors, related service providers, ABA therapy, social networks for students that may experience social difficulties, performing arts, or educational materials from Pearson, or even office supplies. And that list is just the beginning of eligible providers.

For those not familiar, last year the TEA chose ClassWallet to manage its new Supplemental Special Education Services Grant. Under the $30m million grant, families that receive approval gain access to a ClassWallet-managed online portal. On this portal, they have access to a digital spending account which they can use with eligible providers. Furthermore, the ClassWallet app serves much like an “Amazon” for educational services and materials. Click here to read our post from earlier this year to learn more about the Supplementary Special Education Services Grant and ClassWallet.

The Texas Education Agency has a number of helpful resources available through it’s website. In addition, the third link below shares more details on using the ClassWallet app with the Texas SSES program. See the full list of resources below for more information about the Supplementary Special Education Services Grant.

Supplemental Special Education Services Grant Resources

List of approved providers and vendors:

Outreach Materials:

The ClassWallet app where purchases in which purchases will be made through:

More information on the grant can be found at

or by sending an email to or calling SPEDTex at 1-855-773-3839.

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