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Together, We Did it!

Brighton Center Big Give

With the help of 1137 donors and counting, we managed to raise over $105, 000 for the kids of Brighton Center.  Despite the pandemic, Brighton Center has continued to provide therapy services, early childhood education and special education advocacy services to children in Bexar County. This year Brighton has faced temporary program closures, special event cancellations and funding cuts, but the agency has modified how we work during this time so that no child goes left without services.

The support we received through the Big Give is one way in which you helped support children with disabilities and delays in our community, many of which have faced unimaginable circumstances since the start of the pandemic.

Brighton Center Child and Parent Smiling

“Brighton offers families hope, caring, understanding, education and every bit of it is 100% from their hearts. Our daughter has benefited from ALL of the services that Brighton has to offer. They have become like another family to us and they will always be a part of our lives.“

MARY RUDY, Lulu's Mom