The Perks of Being a Brighton Employee

Brighton Employee Perks Paid Time Off
Brighton on average offers 70% MORE (up to 8 weeks in your 1st year!) paid time off (Vacation, Sick, Incentive Days, and Holidays) than any other Non-profits and For-profits in San Antonio! VACATION & SICK ARE GIVEN UP FRONT! No more accrual by paycheck throughout the year! You have your vacation & sick time for the fiscal year starting 09/01! Opportunity to plan well in advance You can put in for vacation days or sick days (for doc appointments, etc.) as early as you like.
Brighton Employee Perks Professional Development
We offer professional development and continuing education opportunities for all staff. Continuing Education is valued at Brighton Center and is treated as a priority to ensure all staff have the opportunity to grow their knowledge and skills.
Brighton Employee Perks Discounted Childcare
We offer 30% to 50% off tuition rates of our Four Star, Nationally accredited and award winning child care centers for our staff members. Brighton operates two child care centers on the northeast side of San Antonio and in the Monte Vista area. Children ages 12m-5 years may attend.
Brighton Employee Perks Employee Recognition Program
Employees are recognized for not only their performance but for their engagement. Through our Employee Recognition Program, Brighton acknowledges staff for celebrating each other, investing back into Brighton, showing up to volunteer at our special events and by staying healthy and active in our Go365 program. Our online recognition program allows you to earn points and redeem gift cards and prizes and an annual silent auction held at our company All Staff Day and Holiday Party.
Brighton Employee Perks Professional Liability Insurance
Brighton Center pays the cost of liability insurance for the therapists that work in our Early Childhood Intervention program.
Brighton Employee Perks Bereavement & July Duty Leave
When staff members are called to Jury Duty, they can receive up to 5 working days paid. We provide staff members up to 3 working days paid leave in the event of the death of an immediate family member.
Brighton Center Child and Parent Smiling

“Brighton offers families hope, caring, understanding, education and every bit of it is 100% from their hearts. Our daughter has benefited from ALL of the services that Brighton has to offer. They have become like another family to us and they will always be a part of our lives.“

MARY RUDY, Lulu's Mom