Brighton works with a variety of agencies in and around Bexar County to ensure our families have every support they need. The agencies listed below provide assistance to families that have children with a disability and may be able to help you or a loved one in their quest for information and/or additional support services.

Assistance for Families

Attorneys and advocates help people with disabilities understand and exercise their rights under the law, ensuring their full and equal participation in society. Their attorneys and advocates can help in the following ways: Provide direct legal assistance to people with disabilities whose rights are threatened or violated, protect the rights of individuals and groups of people with disabilities through the courts and justice system, educate and inform policy makers about issues that impact the rights and services for people with disabilities, inform people with disabilities and family members about their rights, make referrals to programs and services.
New and existing adaptive technologies continue to broaden opportunities for people with disabilities to drive both comfortably and safely. Some of these adaptive technologies can includew accessible vehicles themselves or can be as simple as swivel seats for more convenient access. Others, such as hand controls, may be necessary for a driver to safely operate a vehicle. Whatever your requirements, chances are good that adaptive equipment is available to support your special driving needs and allow you to maintain the freedom offered by the open road.
Children that are facing mental and behavioral issues whether at home, school, or the community have resources available to them thorugh intervention and treatment programs. Parents and children alike may not know how to overcome these challenges, however the resources below will work with your family to identify the cause and ensure your child receives the treatment that they deserve.
The following programs offer recreational programming for children who have developmental, intellectual, medical, behavioral, or physical disabilities. These camps offer fun and safe enrichment activities for children with special needs and vary by organization.
Child care services are available for both full-time and part-time care for qualifying families while providing child care subsidies. Respite Care of San Antonio provides services to children who have a developmental disability and/or complex medical condition. For more information please follow the links below.
If you are in a qualifying low-income household, you may be able to reduce your bill with Life Line AT&T. San Antonio Independent Living Services provides assistance to personas who are deaf, hard of hearing and blind. They also provide information, assistance and training for adaptive telecommunication devices.
Developmental professionals along with licenced therapy providers provide a holistic and family-centered approach on development when dealing with children residing in San Antonio. Early Intervention is designed to help babies and toddlers meet their developmental milestones while parents and guardians work alongside qualified professionals.
Humanitarian aid organizations looking to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergencies - without regard to politics, religion, or ability to pay.
If your child needs a diagnosis of Autism or needs a diagnosis verified, The Children's Hospital of San Antonio offers a multidisciplinary autism evaluation which is a four to eight-hour, full evaluation. This consists of evaluations by neurodevelopmental pediatrics, neuropsychology, audiology, social work, speech/language pathology, and occupational therapy. The Autism Community Network also provides autism diagnostic services to underserved children and families, including those who are economically challenged or who limited English proficiency. The following doctors specialize in Developmental Pediatrics, while the Autism Treatment Center provides resources and therapy to those on the spectrum.
Crisis intervention, family strengthening, and parenting classes are all resources that are provided to eliminate family stress. Parenting education can help prevent child abuse by strengthening families and assessing problems early on.
The Neighborhood and Housing Services Department is dedicated to supporting and enhancing the quality of life for residents of San Antonio by providing programs focusing on housing, economic solution, reinvestment, rehabilitation, and more. The NHSD department can help if you or a loved one need home repair & remediation assistance, if eligible.
If you have a child with special needs, you probably have some unique concerns about the future. One, of course, is who will care for your child if you become unable to do so. Another is the cost of that care and who will pay for it. The following programs are here to help you plan for the future including wills, trustees, and insurance plans.
Bexar County provides a simple, respectful, and dignified service for families with no funding for a funeral/burial service, with eligibility requirements.
Providing emergency shelter and transitional housing opportunities to residents in San Antonio. See program for specific eligibility requirements.
Medicaid and CHIP resources to help cover medical and health care expenses for your family. A broad list of providers is given along with health resources to care for your needs.
Providing education, information, support and supplies to breastfeeding women and mothers. Promoting a better understanding of breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy development of the baby and mother.
Public defenders that represent low-income clients who are in need of legal services specializing in various practice areas.
Whether you or a loved one are going through emotional or mental health issues there are resources and support that are here to help. The following programs offer a selection of treatment programs to deal with a variety of mental and behavioral health issues.
Parenting classes are comprehensive and designed to enhance the child-rearing skills of parents in order to foster the healthy development of their child. Parents are supported in meeting their educational and personal growth goals.
Providing care, education and various services to pregnant women regardless of insurance.
The following programs give children and adults with intellectual or physical disabilities the opportunity to develop physical fitness, demonstate courage, experience joy and participate in sharing of gifts, skills and friendship with their families and teammates. These programs hope to enrich the lives of those with special needs and discover new possibilities!
Respite care is planned or emergency temporary care provided to caregivers. Respite programs provide planned short-term and time-limited breaks for families and other unpaid caregivers of children with a delay or disability.
Services are provided to those who are experiencing substance abuse issues or know someone who is and needs help. The following resources provides guidance on treatments, financial help, counseling, recovery centers, and more.
A network of resources looking to help you or your family through whatever difficulties you may be experiencing. Please see each link below for specific guidance and assistance.

“In January 2019 we took our daughter, Evelyn to a developmental specialist, and she was scoring at 6-8 months developmentally at 15 months old. She recommended that a referral be made to Brighton. After the evaluation, Evelyn was enrolled. We learned a lot from Brighton’s Occupational Therapist (OT), including her sensory seeking and proprioceptive needs and things that she needs that she can’t tell us. We learned how to watch for signs that she is needing more sensory input or is becoming overwhelmed with the sensory input . OT helped us make Evelyn happier. We saw an increase in the way that she was knowing who we were and we were important people. It wasn’t a loving connection, but she recognized that we did things for her that other people didn’t. Evelyn was not as receptive to speech therapy at the time, and we learned a lot of strategies that were helpful, but Evelyn did not respond to any of them. Then Brighton’s Early Intervention Specialist started an Autism Intervention program called Pathways with Evelyn, and it has been amazing. She is a completely different child in 6 weeks. She is so much more social! She comes to me to do patty cake, and initiates this interaction on her own. She never before came across the room to initiate play, and she is coming to me on her own, pulling me down to her, initiating play all while maintaining eye contact. The other day she went to bite her dad, and he signed no to her and verbalized “no” with a stern voice. She looked him in the eyes and her eyes welled up with tears. She began to cry, and then came to me to be comforted. This has never happened before! She is also starting to kiss now, will touch our faces and come to us to initiate kisses.

Brighton’s implementation of Pathways has changed the way that she interacts with us because it is really amazing. It is allowing her to form a bond with us that we didn’t think possible. It feels like it’s taking the social distance out of the Autism. She is still doing some of the behaviors associated with Autism, but she is showing that she is with us, and that’s all I have ever wanted. All we ever wanted was to be able to tell us if she needs something. I wanted her to love us and for her to show that she wants to be with us and around us, and Brighton has helped make that a reality.”