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Brighton’s largest fundraiser, TASTE of the Northside, Cancelled for 2020 due to COVID-19

taste of the northside cancelled in 2020 due to COVID-19

On Tuesday, April 21st, Brighton announced that they would not be hosting Taste of the Northside in 2020.  “When our original date of April 22nd was rescheduled by the Fiesta Commission for November 11th due to COVID-19 , we were hopeful we could make that time frame work.  However after much research and deliberation we won’t be able to successfully move the event to November.” said Katrina Campbell, Chief Development Officer.

As a non-profit, Brighton desperately relies on the funds raised from TASTE of the Northside to serve children with disabilities and delays in San Antonio and so in the spirit of Fiesta, Brighton has started the “VIVA Brighton” campaign to help offset the deficit the organization now faces.  For more information about the TASTE of the Northside cancellation and how you can help support the organization through VIVA Brighton, click here. 


“We are so thankful our grand-daughter has the opportunity to attend the Monte-Vista location, down by Trinity U. Ms. Marty and the entire staff/team are UH-MAZING! Tonight was just another example. Kids will be kids, and our grand-daughter plays HARD! They were playing inside this afternoon (it’s 102 outside) and she ran into the window which unfortunately shattered. Amelia had a laceration on her arm, and a small cut on her other hand. We are so thankful for God’s protection for her. We are also so thankful for Ms. Marty and the staff who took such good care of her until we could fight traffic and get there. By the time we arrived, Amelia was back to her cheerful self. The small cut was bandaged as was the laceration. They had done their best to clean the glass off of her and even out of her hair. Over and over, The Brighton Team just seems to go the extra mile. Her education and growth this last year has been tremendous. And to know she’s in such great hands even in the case of an accident was so special tonight too. Thanks Ms. Marty and Thank you to the entire Brighton Staff/Team. “

Ken Hicks