Brighton’s Center’s Educational Series

​ Brighton Center’s Educational Series offers free, public presentations designed to help parents navigate their roles and responsibilities in the face of an increasingly complex educational world. These workshops provide better insight into children and various academic or behavioral challenges with the purpose of promoting student well-being, academic success and parental support.


​Our two signature classes offered monthly are:

Special Education 101

Is your child struggling in school?  Is your child excelling but not being challenged?  Either of these scenarios might mean that your child is not receiving the educational services they need for a successful future.  Brighton Center’s Special Education 101 course can help parents understand their child’s rights to a free and appropriate education based on their needs and how to ensure that these needs are met by the school system.  Parents are their child’s first and best advocate and Brighton Center strives to empower them to be the best advocate possible to set their child up for success now and in the future.


This three-hour course (offered in English & Spanish) instructs parents on a variety of topics, including:
– Developing advocacy skills
– Special education law
– Effective communication and
– Overview of the ARD process

Autism Supplement

This workshop will cover the 11 different components of the Autism Supplement in detail. Parents will learn what is offered under each specific area, the law that supports the service and how this service may be useful for their child and family. This two-hour course is offered in English & Spanish. Attendees will be given a blank autism supplement checklist and all attendees are encouraged to bring their child’s current autism supplement to review. Attendees will receive free childcare and refreshments.

Any Baby Can's Group Parent Training Series

Brighton Center is proud to collaborate with Any Baby Can's Parent Training designed specifically for parents or caregivers of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  This 6 part series supports parents by increasing their knowledge on how behavior is learned and the underlying function or purpose of their child's challenging behaviors.  Brighton presents Session 5: Special Education 101 and Session 6: The Autism Supplement of the IEP to specifically focus on how parents can act as advocates for their child with Autism in the school system.  For more information or to sign up for this series, click here

Other Workshops Available:

  • Kids, Mood Disorders and Education

  • The Brain and Learning

  • FBAs, BIPs and Behavior Accommodations

  • 100 Ways to Teach Social Skills and Life Skills

  • ARD 101

  • Parenting Styles and Nurturing Children

  • Special Education Related Services

  • Transition Planning

  • Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports

  • Understanding the Autism Supplement

  • Dyslexia & Related Disorders

  • Disciplining a Child with Extreme Behaviors

  • What is Autism

  • The Benefits of PEC

  • The 10 Basic Steps of Special Education

  • Creating Your Child’s IEP Binder

  • Organization and Planning

  • Safety and Disabilities

  • Creating Measurable and Observable Goals

  • Successful Parent Conferences

  • Communication Beyond Words

  • Understanding IEP Supplements

  • Behavior Strategies for Home and School

  • Accommodation, Modifications & Interventions

  • Addressing Mental Health through Special Education Services

  • Sensory Concerns for Children

  • Helping Parents be Kinder Ready

  • Understanding Evaluations

  • RTI, 504 and Special Education Explained


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