Pediatric Speech Therapy Services

What is Speech Therapy & how will a Brighton Speech Therapist work with my child?

Brighton Speech Therapist Working with a ChildBrighton Center’s Speech Therapists (STs) or speech and language pathologists (SLPs) will work with your child on receptive language (how children process and understand information) and expressive language (how children combine words into phrases and sentences to outwardly communicate). Speech therapists work with children on verbal and non-verbal language development as well as feeding and swallowing disorders.

Speech therapy begins with an evaluation to determine areas of need and/or concerns. This evaluation is performed through conversation with the family as well as by examination and observation of how your child understands and uses different words, their pronunciation of speech sounds, physical ability to produce speech, voice quality, etc.

Because children learn through play, interventions are embedded within play activities to optimize motivation, meaningful participation and joy.  Speech therapists may consider and propose the use of assistive devices and/or toy and equipment adaptations/modifications. These can optimize the child’s movement and ability to participate in desired play or other desired activities.

Of utmost importance is the collaborative relationship between the speech therapist and parent(s)/caregiver(s) to facilitate child- and family-centered care.  Speech therapists and parents typically schedule visits for 30 minutes.

Hear from a Brighton Speech Therapist about how to help your child’s communication skills