A one-of-a-kind event for our one-of-a-kind-children!  All because of you.

You raised $505,000 for the 4,000 children Brighton Center helps through Pediatric Therapy and Inclusive Education.  Gloria Steves Dilley and Kari Lynd, along with their exquisite committee, designed a night to celebrate the abilities of all children at Brighton.  We know that the children we empower are masterpieces in the making!  Thank you for being their/our inspiration!

We introduced Noah, one of the masterpieces, last night but thought we would share his story with you one more time.

We are beyond grateful for you!

Best Night Ever Committee

Brighton Center is thrilled to have the support of the following community leaders who have volunteered their time and talents to ensure Brighton Center has the funding we need to continue our services  to children with disabilities and delays in San Antonio!

Gala Co-Chairs

Gloria & Miguel Dilley

Kari & Mike Lynd

Best Night Ever Committee

Kay Behrens

Amy & Josh Berg

Lauren & Mark Biegler

Rose & Sardar Biglari

Lindsay & Greg Bolner

Meriel & Forrest Bowman

Mackenzie Brittingham

Carla & John Brozovich

Federica Padilla & Kevin Covey

Jackie & Eric Covey

Juliana & Marty Dusek

Tammy & Russell Freiling

Ashley  & Andrew Friedman

Mariano and Jamie Gomez de la Sierra

CeCe & James Griffin

Triana & Brandon Grossman

Adrianna & Christopher Grossman

Koren & Jason Growcock

Lindsay & Jack Guenther

Allegra & Hunter Hawkins

Lauren Kate & Peter J. Holt

Maebrianna Jacoby

Kim & Clyde Johnson

Jennifer & Mark Johnson

Molly & Dane Johnson

Christina & Evan Ketabchi

Jamie & Travis Kowalski

Kelly & Charles Leddy

Lee & Zach Lee

Carolina & AJ Lewis

Cassandra Longoria

Ava-Marie Lynd

Camille & Clark Mandigo

Elizabeth & Madison Marceau

Jordana & Ben Mathews

Trish Matute

Marie & Ryan Mays

Sita McNab

Claire and Easton McNab

Ana Leah & Sergio Montemayor

Ana Montoya

Kristan & Tom Northington

Kay Kay & Charles O’Brien

Clara and John Ostrander

Lynette & Dwayne Padalecki

Emilie and Christopher Petty

Lisa & Charles Plummer

Ashley & Conner Quintanilla

Christy & Gordon Rainey

Danille & Jesse Reyes

Katie Reynolds

Corinna & JB Richter

Jayme & William Russell

Kelly & McClean Russell

Sallie & Johnathan Schneider

Neena & Mandeep Singh

Megan and Tres Steves

Mandy & Marshall Steves

Amber & Sloan Thomas

Fannie Thomas

CeCe & Will Thompson

April & JasonThompson

Kristin & Dick Tips

LeAnn & Kris Trejo

Natalie and Andrew Trevino

Donna Vaughan

Jill Wingrove

Jessica & Clint Worth

Fran Yanity

Jenevieve & Frank Zoch

Event Image Best Night Ever Co Chairs
Event Partners

Every year the Brighton Center relies on the help of our community members to support our organization and the deserving children that we serve.

Special Thanks to our amazing Best Night Ever Gala Partners! 

More details coming soon




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