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Preschool Program

12 month - 5 years old


As a NAEYC accredited school, we have the highest standards in the nation and provide the perfect balance of care and education for our students. Our teachers are exceptionally qualified in that they not only have the educational expertise, but they are truly passionate about their profession and care deeply about each of their students. Our low student to teacher ratios set us apart from other schools and create a classroom environment that is optimal for responsive care and individualized instruction. To learn more about what makes our program a leader in the industry and the best place for all children, contact us directly to schedule a tour. 


12 Months - 18 Months Old

The Toddler Classroom teachers provide multiple opportunities for toddlers to gain self-help skills and independence through regular classroom activities such as mealtime and different learning centers like dramatic play, reading, sensory and much more. 


18 Months - 2.5 Years old

Our Transition Classroom is specifically designed for children leaving the infant/toddler stage and transitioning into full-on preschoolers. Children in our transition classroom are full of energy and eager to learn about new things, so our teachers provide plenty of opportunities for both physical activities and learning in a safe, nurturing environment.


2.5 - 3.5 Years Old

Our Pre-K 1 Classroom prepares your child to begin their educational journey through school. Our classroom is divided into various centers that allow children to actively learn through play with “hands-on” exploration into the world of science, math, language development, dramatic and creative arts.


3 - 4 Years Old

Our Pre-K 2 Classroom is set up to further develop the skills children learned in Pre-K 1 while preparing them to enter the Kinder-Ready classroom. Our Pre-K 2 Classroom is divided into various centers that allow children to actively learn through play with “hands-on” exploration into the world of science, math, computers, language development, dramatic and creative arts.


4 - 5 Years Old

Transitioning from preschool to kindergarten is a tremendous milestone for both children and parents. The goal of our Kinder-Ready program is to prepare your child to enter kindergarten with the academic, social and developmental skills necessary for success and to give parents peace of mind during this time of major change.

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Two San Antonio Locations!
Northeast SA
14207 Higgins Rd, SA, TX 78217 (Ages 12 months-5 years old)
Downtown / Monta Vista
 265 E. Lullwood Ave, SA, TX 78212 (Ages 2-5 years old)