Brighton Center provides direct services to more than 3,500 children a year through therapy, early childhood education and special education advocacy support. A large portion of our services typically requires direct contact with children and their families, which is great for improving development but not ideal for a time when social distancing is required.  Since mid-March, Brighton has responded responsibly and appropriately to the new guidelines and recommendations set forth by the CDC as well as local and state government.  All services were suspended initially until we could get our therapy program up and running online through Telehealth and our Special Education Advocates had the tools they needed to being providing IEP and ARD support via telephone and virtual meetings.  Our early childhood education centers have remained closed but are scheduled to reopen on May 18, 2020. Below are just a few of the adjustments we have made in our COVID-19 Response to ensure we are providing the safest environment possible for the children and families we serve as well as our staff.

Brighton Center's General COVID-19 Response Includes: