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H-E-B announces that Brighton Center is a 2020 Excellence in Education Finalist – the only early childhood organization in San Antonio to be recognized

2020 Excellence in Education Finalist Brighton Center

(SAN ANTONIO) — H-E-B recently announced that Brighton Center is one of the five early childhood facilities and the ONLY one in San Antonio selected as finalists for the retailer’s 19th annual, 2020 Excellence in Education Awards program, Early Childhood category.

“We are honored to be recognized by H-E-B in this way!  We take pride in providing the highest quality of early education and care that is individualized for each of our students. At Brighton we believe that if we can provide the right support at the right time, we can truly change the trajectory of a child’s future.  That is why we are committed to national best practices, have degreed teachers in each classroom and operate with very low ratios.  To have H-E-B recognize our agency for our commitment to the children we serve means the world to us.”   –Alix Martinez, Early Childhood Education Program Director

Brighton Center is a non-profit organization that provides multiple services and programs to help prepare children of ALL abilities ages 0-8 for a successful educational future. We operate two Nationally Accredited Early Childhood Education Centers in San Antonio, provides occupational, speech and physical therapy to babies and toddlers and have education advocates on staff that work with parents to ensure their children are getting the support and resources they need to be successful in school.  Altogether, Brighton works with approximately 3,500 children and their families annually. We are proud to be recognized in H-E-B’s 2020 Excellence in Education Awards.

“We love the staff, the mix of students, the daily activities, the care and compassion, and perhaps most of all, the pictures and videos throughout the day that allow us to see the amazing development taking place. Our boys can’t wait to go to school each day and their progress has been amazing!!!” – David Krewson, Parent of two children that attend Brighton’s preschool program

This is the 2nd time Brighton Center has been named a finalist in H-E-B’s Excellence in Education program (2015 & 2020).  The organization was also named a semi-finalist in 2017 and 2019.

Winners will be announced at the H-E-B 2020 Excellence in Education Awards ceremony on May 3 at the La Cantera Resort & Spa in San Antonio. The winning early childhood facility will receive $25,000.

“In January 2019 we took our daughter, Evelyn to a developmental specialist, and she was scoring at 6-8 months developmentally at 15 months old. She recommended that a referral be made to Brighton. After the evaluation, Evelyn was enrolled. We learned a lot from Brighton’s Occupational Therapist (OT), including her sensory seeking and proprioceptive needs and things that she needs that she can’t tell us. We learned how to watch for signs that she is needing more sensory input or is becoming overwhelmed with the sensory input . OT helped us make Evelyn happier. We saw an increase in the way that she was knowing who we were and we were important people. It wasn’t a loving connection, but she recognized that we did things for her that other people didn’t. Evelyn was not as receptive to speech therapy at the time, and we learned a lot of strategies that were helpful, but Evelyn did not respond to any of them. Then Brighton’s Early Intervention Specialist started an Autism Intervention program called Pathways with Evelyn, and it has been amazing. She is a completely different child in 6 weeks. She is so much more social! She comes to me to do patty cake, and initiates this interaction on her own. She never before came across the room to initiate play, and she is coming to me on her own, pulling me down to her, initiating play all while maintaining eye contact. The other day she went to bite her dad, and he signed no to her and verbalized “no” with a stern voice. She looked him in the eyes and her eyes welled up with tears. She began to cry, and then came to me to be comforted. This has never happened before! She is also starting to kiss now, will touch our faces and come to us to initiate kisses.

Brighton’s implementation of Pathways has changed the way that she interacts with us because it is really amazing. It is allowing her to form a bond with us that we didn’t think possible. It feels like it’s taking the social distance out of the Autism. She is still doing some of the behaviors associated with Autism, but she is showing that she is with us, and that’s all I have ever wanted. All we ever wanted was to be able to tell us if she needs something. I wanted her to love us and for her to show that she wants to be with us and around us, and Brighton has helped make that a reality.”